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About Our Annual Convention 

Every other year, we lovingly come together in person to make important decisions about the future of our organization and those that we elect to lead our vision. We know that when we show up in person, face to face, we make a strong impact on the growth of not only Centers for Spiritual Living, but of the greater  Science of Mind movement. After hosting our first virtual convention in the Spring of 2017, we are very excited to see you in-person in Southern California this February! 

Some Highlights to our 2018 Spiritual Living Convention Include:

  • Inspiring General Sessions that will assist you in growing your communities back home 
  • Presentations on the Strategic Plans & Vision of Centers for Spiritual Living 
  • A Special Evening Concert with Rickie Byars!
  • Keynote Address by Tteya Klassen, The Power of Alignment, A Created Future for Spiritual Living
  • Community Prayer in Love for Global Transformation & our Organization 
  • Informative Workshops around How to Practice Inclusion, Best Practices in Sharing Spiritual Tools for Personal Transformation, How to Awaken Our Spiritual Magnificence, Living in Integrity, Attracting the Great Community to our Centers, and more! 
  • Closing Awards Dinner Gala (Included in Registration) 
“Love rules through Law. Love is the Divine Givingness; Law is the Way. Love is spontaneous; Law is impersonal...Love points the way and Law makes the way possible.”
— Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind