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Treya Klassen

Treya Klassen, previously the vice-president of product and brand at RYU Apparel, currently the CEO of Design House Collective. She has over 30 + years of experience in building brands, culture and apparel related sales, product development, design, brand development, and manufacturing. As a results-oriented entrepreneur, Treya is responsible for creating and sourcing innovative design & product, high functioning teams, building company culture, and leading companies and organizations to be the most innovative and successful in the industry. She also has 19 years of leadership, coaching, seminar, team, and workshop training. In addition, she leads numerous seminars and guest speaking engagements on how to increase performance and communications that make a difference. Treya is a high performance coach working with visionary leaders all over North America, creating and building business that makes a difference. 

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Rev. Cynthia James

Cynthia James is a transformational coach, speaker and multiple award-winning author of What Will Set You Free and Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence and an Amazon #1 Bestseller for I Choose Me: The Art of Being a Phenomenally Successful Woman at Home and at Work in three categories. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops Internationally and is the creator of several music and meditation CD’s.  Cynthia guides groups Internationally on pilgrimages to sacred sites; trains coaches in her innovative Freedom Techniques and is the co-creator of Women Creating Our Futures, hosting conferences and online programs.

Rickie Byars

Rickie Byars is the Music & Arts Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center where for 29 years she has directed the incomparable Agape International Choir. One of the 21st century’s most revered singer-songwriters, her transcendent music deeply touches the hearts of all she encounters through her solo concerts, women’s retreats, workshops, music festivals and appearances with Michael Bernard Beckwith.   

She has produced nine solo albums, one of which accompanies a colorful mini-memoir, Let My Soul Surrender.  Her medicine kit includes, In the Land of I AM, I Release and I Let Go, I Found a Deeper Love, From Within, The Love Project, Glorious Chant Collection and so many other beautiful works that emerge from the heart of her Creator Go

She is Founder and CEO of KUUMBA-In-Motion Expressing Transformation, a hands-on, on the road, interactive learning academy that nurtures the creative genius within children. KUUMBA enters its 6th year of Summer Camps with featured workshops that will include Guitar, Voice, Culinary, Photography, Writing, Dance and Sports.

Rickie is on the Board of Directors for Voices 4Freedom an abolitionist organization that empowers enslaved people to free themselves and offers the infrastructure that empowers children and their whole families to live productive lives through education, nutrition, and the creation of their own businesses.

But what is really shaking the place is Dr. Rickie’s latest achievement and participation as Founder of HUBCITY LIVE! A mix-use development that will include in its design the KUUMBA Center of Culture, SOKO Commercial Plaza and NEMES X Technological Center. This amazing development, which has been described as the Jewel of Compton, will be built in Compton, CA – the original Hub City.

Last, Dr. Rickie is mother of two, grandmother to three wonderful and almost mini-versions of herself, sister to 11 siblings and daughter to a ninety-one-year-old wonder, Mama Byars. Says Mama Byars of Rickie, “Many people long to live their dream, and have visions of how they would like to make the world a better place. Rickie is the kind of person that makes it happen right where she is, and that is a WONDERFUL thing.”