2018 Candidates

Robert Brzezinski Headshot1.jpg

Rev. Robert Brzezinski

Vision Statement:

The Minister Council fully embodies the Vision and Mission of Centers for Spiritual Living. We are radically inclusive, vehemently impartial, and fully transparent as we serve, support and connect the ministers that serve Centers for Spiritual Living.

Sunday Cote Headshot 2018.jpeg

Rev. Sunday Coté

Vision Statement:

The Ministers Council is passionate about providing opportunities for connection, growth, shared spiritual practice, and skill advancement. We are comprised of a diverse and engaged team of loving and attentive ministers giving our time and talents to the support and care of CSL ministers.

Staci Hylton Headshot1.jpg

Rev. Staci Hylton

Vision Statement:

My vision as a representative on the Minister’s Council is the same as my ministry. To express love, empower lives and inspire the hearts of my colleagues that give so selflessly of themselves so that we may move the teaching forward and create a world that works for everyone.

Patricia Paris Headshot1.jpg

Rev. Patricia Paris

Vision Statement:

Prayer is the center of everything I do so it will be an honor to hold all of our CSL ministers in prayer and come together with fellow council members to open-heartedly listen, understand, and serve our ministers at large to continue to build the best organization we can envision.

Sharon Hudson Headshot1.jpg

Rev. Sharon Hudson

Vision Statement:

With love and living in principle, I work with the field and leadership of CSL to provide connection and support for the vitality and well-being of our organization and member communities. Together, we touch lives to bring forth divine wholeness in all, and co-create a world that works for everyone.

Jim Lockard Headshot1.jpg

Dr. Jim Lockard

Vision Statement:

The Field Leader is the vital connection between the Field and the organizational operations of Centers for Spiritual Living. S/he embodies CSL values, facilitates support, and is a conduit for communications. S/he brings the perspectives of the Field, along with a visionary approach to the CSL Leadership Council and the Executive Committee.

Kim Burgner Headshot.jpeg

Kim Burgner

Vision Statement:

Each Practitioner fully realizes their highest potential and expresses their greatness while positively impacting, serving and supporting the lives of others and expands CSL and SOM teachings in the world.

Ninoska Duenas Headshot1.jpg

Ninoska Duenas

Vision Statement:

My vision is to serve with gratitude and dedication to our community of practitioners; to help expand the teachings of Science of Mind, to assist in the communication process, and to support the development of practitioners at the national and international levels.

Pamela Rocke Headshot1.jpg
Louise Tallen Headshot1.jpg

Pamela Rocke

Vision Statement:

My vision is to strengthen and expand the Centers for Spiritual Living and our teachings into the greater community, making available the ideas of inclusivity, acceptance, love, personal responsibility and prayer. I do so, by being a conduit of information for Practitioners, and by encouraging each Practitioner in pursuit of their individual gifts and goals.

Louise Tallen

Vision Statement:

The Practitioner Council is a compassionate, caring team, creating community and connection among all Practitioners. We support practitioner development at all levels of the organization and promote the value of practitioners in the world.

Cheryl Bell Headshot1.jpg

Rev. Cheryl Bell

Vision Statement:

To serve and guide Centers for Spiritual Living with all the gifts and talents afforded to me by my personal, corporate and church management experiences.

John DePalma Headshot1.jpg

Rev. John DePalma

Vision Statement:

To raise the awareness of the Leadership Council that we are globally recognized as the pre-eminent resource for the creation and development of vibrant, sustainable spiritual communities with dynamic, leading-edge spiritual leadership.

Michael McMorrow Headshot1.jpg

Rev. Michael McMorrow

Vision Statement:

To ensure the Centers for Spiritual Living operates as a church-focused organization where all member centers are supported and honored through the respectful and conscious use of their contributions, building sustainable Religious Science communities. As member communities experience success by means of this focus, the organization prospers and the Science of Mind finds its way in the world at large.

Steph St. Amand Headshot1.jpg

Rev. Steph St. Amand

Vision Statement:

Serving the Highest and Best expression of Centers for Spiritual Living, the Leadership Council exemplifies service, creating an environment of Love; honours open communication, creating an environment of Trust; and is grounded in Spiritual Principle, creating a practice of Unity and Oneness.

Paul Hietter Headshot.jpg

Paul Hietter

Vision Statement:

Open-mindedness, a deep sense of purpose, and a grounded faith in our greatest and highest good are strengths that allow us to focus on the diversity of cultures and the inclusive nature of our human experience, as we live and co-create the direction of the Centers for Spiritual Living.

Joni Samples Headshot1.jpg

Dr. Joni Samples

Vision Statement:

Personal vision: to create a generation that is aligned with its Higher Self for its own and the best interests of others. 

For CSL: adults and children to live, love, and learn, based on their own conscious and sub-conscious thoughts, how to create their highest, best, and most successful life.

Donald Bey Headshot1.jpg

Donald Bey

Vision Statement:

My vision as a member of the leadership council is to inspire forward movement of this great organization by recognizing the priorities that benefit the entire organization through a democratic process with the highest principles in Mind.

Mary Love Headshot1.jpg

Mary Love

Vision Statement:

The Leadership Council believes and practices that God Is All There Is. It is from this scared space we lead our Organization to sound policy, financial decisions, procedures and protocols.

Jackie Martin Headshot1.jpg

Jackie Martin

Vision Statement:

My vision is that the Member Council continue to be a resource and bridge for the entire CSL membership. A link between the individual Centers and the CSL organization.  Recognizing our Spiritual Oneness individually and collectively we will thrive.

Lee Valentine Headshot1.jpg

Lee Valentine

Vision Statement:

The Member Council promotes active participation and passionate engagement for all Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) lay members, and advocates on their behalf to CSL Leadership. We apply Science of Mind principles to nurture a thriving Laity, and enrich the spiritual communities they serve through vital training, mentorship and resources.

Walter Drew Headshot1.jpg

Walter Drew

Vision Statement:

I envision a full slate of highly qualified candidates running for all the offices every year. Potential leaders are identified early and are encouraged to participate on national/international committees prior to stepping into national leadership. International leadership will be viewed as an honor, worthy of the highest respect. The nominations process and opportunities for leadership are open to everyone. Local leaders will be encouraged to run themselves and to ferret out those with a strong potential for leadership.